Basic Web Site Production:................From $1,250 to $3,500

Using customer-supplied materials, MultiMedia Mania will produce and create a professional, appealing site, up to ten pages, for $1,250. The customer-supplied artwork should include photographs, logos, marketing brochures, data sales sheets, etc. Clients lacking in any of the foregoing elements or wishing to modify or uplift their existing artwork or create additional materials may refer to our Optional Web Services + Menu. Sites employing these uplifted services may cost up to $3,500. Corporations desiring a more elaborate site are invited to review our "Creative Web Site Plus + Development" section. However, the "Basic Web Site Production" is a complete service package for most businesses and is our recommended starting point for beginning Internet entrepreneurs. This $1,250 package includes:

Basic Site Production:

Based upon the customer's submitted artwork, the MultiMedia Mania staff will produce a professionally edited and appealing web site. The site's structure will be functional and navigable, fulfilling its business purpose as a user-friendly marketing tool.

Domain Name Registration:

The Domain Name of your company, like "," will be registered with Internic.

Web Site HTML Encoding:

Customer-supplied artwork that has been laid out, organized and prepared by our graphics department is then HTML encoded for the web. This does not include additional services such as editorial, graphic enhancement, or copy writing. For those, as well as other services, please refer to our Optional Web Services + Menu.

Image Scanning:

The scanning of materials into an electronic format for inclusion into your web site. This service does include minor image and text editing. For significant editing of scanned images, please refer to our Optional Web Services + Menu.

Guest Book:

This service, equivalent to one page, is available to those visitors wishing to add their names to your mailing list.

Inquiry Forms:

Viewers to your web site desiring more information about your services may fill out your Customer Inquiry Form which is then forwarded to your e-mail. This feature counts as one page.

Hit Report:

These reports are accessed through your web browser and indicate the activity of visitors to your web site. This feature allows you to test marketing trends and techniques.

Submissions to Search Engines:

A profile of your site will be submitted to major Internet search engines including, but not limited to: Yahoo, Magellan, Lycos, Infoseek, etc.

Customer Support:

Our staff is available to answer your telephone and e-mail inquiries pertaining to Internet technology, multimedia, site maintenance and site update relative to our services.

Fortune 500 Company.........From $3,500 to $19,950 & Up

Creative Web Site Plus + Development: The cost of building this site is dependent on time devoted to understanding the client's market/sales position, the developmental costs of using the multimedia elements (text, graphics, audio, and video) to either increase the market share or lower the cost of sales. Other incurred costs may be story research and development, number of acceptable customer-supplied graphics, number of custom created graphics, and number of hours spent on complex encoding. Also, the number of graphics, pages, and time spent encoding may depend on how sophisticated the client's story is to unfold. We can also review potential functional as well as technological obsolescence of the prospective site and, in those special Intranet applications, may oversee the selection and/or installation of a proper computer platform and software.

First, the story is step outlined. Once approved, the comps and outline are brought together in a flowchart, then storyboarded for approval. The budget is then finalized and approved or rejected for production. As a prelude to the aforementioned process, MMMania offers a moderately priced site concept evaluation analysis. This site evaluation is the customer's property and is designed to be a good starting point for complex corporations requiring departmental feedback for approval.

Creative Site Development Based on the customer's position in the marketplace, his long- and short-term goals, MultiMedia Mania's staff will develop a professionally interactive presence on the web designed specifically to augment the achievement of those goals. The services, as described in the "Optional Web Service + Menu" will be used on an as needed basis with customer approval.

Optional Web Service + Menu:

Web Site Concept Evaluation Analysis..................$35/hr

This outline analysis is an evaluation of the site's potential goals, objectives, competition, financial requirements and intended results on a long- and short-term basis.

Text Editing/Copy Writing.............................$55/hr

Professionally trained and experienced writers will develop and/or edit text created to market your product.

Advertising Concepts and Trade Name Development Call for Quotation

Graphic Artist........................................$60/hr

The number one goal of our Graphic Arts Department is designing effective graphics. Our art director and production coordinator will work closely with your staff in creating graphics that sell!

Back-End Programming............................................$65/hr

The interactive facility needed for some customers complex web sites that require programming in CGI, Perl, Java, C, C++, Shockwave and Lingo.

Intranet Consultation,
Design, Engineering, and Tutorial ..........Call for Quotation

Internet Money Transactions.................Call for Quotation

Data Base Design and Access.................Call for Quotation

For prices not listed

please INQUIRE for Quotation.

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